The Arctic Council and the Arctic Data Directory. New Opportunities for Circum-Arctic Information. A proposal submitted to the Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials by the International Arctic Environmental Data Directory Council. Fairbanks, Alaska. April 2000.

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Arctic Council
"Data and information are essential and powerful tools in the world of the 21st century. Their ongoing development and dissemination within the circum-Arctic context create a wealth of new opportunities, contribute substantively to decision making and policy development, and help define a common vision for a region of the globe that, at least until recent years, has been effectively diffracted by distance, by climate, and by competing politico-economic strategies. The Arctic Council is a natural focal point for knowledge of the Arctic. As the body in which is manifest both unique national interests and the collective imagination that has made possible an array of new initiatives in the region, it offers the potential to establish for the Arctic and its inhabitants a special place in the global system. Through its affiliate organizations, the Council monitors the state of the arctic environment and spearheads research into marine ecosystems, flora and fauna, sustainable development, and the socio-cultural heritage of the Arctic indigenous peoples."