Arctic Environmental Response Management Application Final Report.

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Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR)
The purpose of this project was to improve access to critical information on the location of resources needed to respond to oil spills in the Arctic and to develop electronic response infrastructure for use in the Arctic. This project developed circumpolar environmental pollution response capabilities that are critical to protect the unique ecosystem from oil spills occurring near Arctic shorelines or in the Arctic’s high seas. Decreasing ice cover is expected to open new shipping routes through the Arctic. The Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA, 2009 Report at p. 5) states: “The most significant threat from ships to the Arctic marine environment is the release of oil through accidental or illegal discharge.” It is also believed that much of the undiscovered oil and gas resources exist in the Arctic. This project addresses spill concerns by facilitating access to vital information that will be needed by national governments to effectively respond to a spill in the Arctic. NOTE: Attachments include 2 different versions of the documents. These are working documents and should therefore not be regarded as the final product.