Atlas of Rare Endemic Vascular plants of the Arctic

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Talbot, Stephen S.
Yurtsev, Boris A.
Murray, David F.
Argus, George W.
Bay, Christian
Elvebakk, Arve
CAFF , Arctic vegetation , CFG , Rare species , Vascular flora
The vascular flora of the Arctic ewas surveyed by specialists from eight Arctic countries to 1) identify rare taxa endemic to the region, 2) establish an annotated list of these taxa, and 3) determine the level of protection currently afforded these plants. Ninety-six rarre endemic taxa were identified. Information compiled for each included taxonomy, geographic distribution, habitat preferences, biological characteristics, estimates of endangerment, and citations of supporting literature. Gap analysis determined the relation of rare taza to areas of protected habitats. Taxa were grouped into three categories: 1) unprotected (no occurrences are within protected raeas); 2) partially protected (some occurrences are within protected areas); and 3) protected (all occurrences are within protected areas). Results indicate that 47% of the rare endemics are unprotected, 23% partially protected and 30% protected. According to IUCN Red List threat categories, 19% of the taxa are vulnerable, 29% near threatened lower risk, 26% least concern lower risk, 1% endangered and 24% data deficient. The majority of rare endemic taxa, 61% occur outside IUCN protected areas (categories I-V); 25% occur within strict nature/scientific reserves (IUCN category I); 12% in managed nature reserves/wildlife dsanctuaries (IUCN category IV); and 1.6% in national parks (IUCN category II).