Terms of Reference for the Integration Team. Draft 1 October 2013.

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
The project “Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic – part C”, AACA-C, was adopted by the 2013 Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting. The AACA project is divided into three different parts; part A is an overview of assessments performed by AC working groups over the past 10 years led by SDWG and, part B is an overview of exiting adaptation actions taken in the Arctic led by Canada and Russia. Both parts A and B were reported out to the Ministerial Meeting in May 2013. The AACA-C aims to consider Arctic-focused climate and integrated environmental frameworks and models that can improve predictions of climate change and other relevant drivers of Arctic change. AACA-C will be led by AMAP. There are three pilot regions covered by AACA-C; Barents, Davis Strait/Baffin Bay and Bering/Chukchi/Beaufort. All three regions include both marine and terrestrial areas. The Integration Team is responsible for the coordination of the regional work and the production of the overall integrated AACA-C report based on the regional AACA-C activities and deliverables.