Arctic Telemedicine Priorities. Recommendations and proposed actions.

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University of the Arctic
"The Arctic Council ( is hosting an Arctic ICT Conference in Iceland, on October 20-21, 2003. The University of the Arctic was approached to develop a background paper on the current status of ICT in the Arctic. There are three focus areas for the conference: infrastructure, education, and telemedicine. The Arctic Telemedicine Project report, completed for the Arctic Council in 2000, is still relevant today and should serve as a background document for the telemedicine discussions at the Icelandic ICT workshop. The Arctic Telemedicine Report can be obtained at online as a pdf document. As a follow-up, University of the Arctic organised a small workshop in Tromsø, Norway, and authors of the Telemedicine report from 2000 and selected other experts were invited to participate. The purpose of this meeting was to assess the current relevance of the recommendations in the Arctic Telemedicine report, and to identify immediate and concrete actions for future Arctic cooperation in the field of telemedicine. The outcome of this meeting is summarized in this report, and will provide input for the ICT conference in Iceland in October. Below are the seven recommendations from the 2000 Arctic Telemedicine report, as well as proposed new recommendations and tangible action items." /.../