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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
CAFF Secretariat
EPPR Secretariat
This document has been prepared by the Secretariats of AMAP, CAFF and EPPR; it is not a ‘proposal’ but rather a paper to inform the SAOs of progress in work conducted in response to a Ministerial request, and to announce the intention to develop a proposal on harmonization of Arctic Council mapping/GIS activities. The document has been sent to all of the AC working groups for their consideration, but has not been approved by any of them. The purpose of this document is to inform the Senior Arctic Officials (SAOs) of progress to date with regards to discussions on how spatial information could be obtained, managed, maintained and delivered within the Arctic Council (AC) and how this could be conducted in co-operation with external parties. It will: • Introduce Plans to present a more complete proposal to the AC in the fall 2008 • Outline the current ‘vision’ for collaborative activities among the AC WGs • Consider how AC and AC Working Groups (WGs) could co-operate with external parties related to spatial information This information paper is intended for review by all WGs of the AC, and also by agencies and organizations outside the Arctic Council which are involved in the development of circumpolar maps, quality control and use. Based upon the results of discussions between the WGs, the plan is to further develop this document and to submit a proposal for consideration/approval by SAOs at their meeting in the fall of 2008.