Report to the Arctic Council and the International Arctic Science Committee. “Plan for the Implementation Phase of SAON”.

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Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON)
This report describes the implementation phase of SAON, including the proposed scope of activities, and a structure for implementing the activities. SAON will be implemented through a number of Task Teams, with participation being voluntary and open to most organizations. In particular, any country may participate in SAON and join the proposed SAON Council. The plan contains a draft Terms of Reference for the SAON Council and a listing of the first set of proposed SAON Tasks. These Tasks show a diversity of participation with Task Leaders coming from Arctic Council Working Groups (AMAP, CAFF, SDWG), Arctic Council Permanent Participants (AIA, ICC), Arctic Council Member States (Canada, Norway, Sweden, US) and non-Arctic countries (Germany, Netherlands). All eight of the Arctic Council Member States are involved in one or more of the proposed Tasks, as are 15 of the IASC Members.