Risk Assessment at the Coastal Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Reloading Facility of FSUE “Atomflot”

EPPR , Radiation , Chemical hazard , North of Russia.
Annex 9 (Source Control Project, Phase III) covers the activities for the development of the underlying methodology and the conduct of risk assessment for radiation and chemical hazardous facilities of the industrial North of Russia. Annex 9 continues work on the source control project, which was started in 2000 under the framework of Annexes 1 and 4. Two major facilities of the North of Russia were chosen for the current project: FSUE "EE "Zvezdochka" (Severodvinsk, Archangelsk Region) and FSUE "Atomflot" (Murmansk). Initial tasks included the organization and conduct of the first visit to the site; the selection of a facility to apply the risk assessment; and the preparation and conduct of training courses on the methodical foundations of risk assessment. This training was targeted to the personnel of facilities performing theses types of activities in the North-West Region of Russia. The Project Management Plan (PMP) for FSUE "EE "Zvezdochka" was approved on November 9, 2005. The PMP for FSUE "Atomflot" was approved on May 29, 2006. The goal of Stage 7 of PMP for FSUE "Atomflot" is to prepare the final report on the risk assessment, which should include recommendations on the possible application of the ISO 14001 standard and the developed risk assessment methodology document. This report is presented in accordance with the report documents of Stage 7 of the PMP for FSUE "Atomflot".