Remediation of Contaminated Areas of Frantz Josef Land. The Arctic Council and Barents Euro-Arctic Council Project.

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
"NEFCO/AMAP ”Updating of Environmental ”Hot Spots” List in the Russian Part of the Barents Region: Proposal for Environmentally Sound Investment Projects” prepared at the request of the Kirkenes Summit of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council in January, 2003 considered Frantz Josef Land as a matter of special concern and distinguished the archipelago in the list of hot spots and priority projects (Project A 7-2). Within the territory of the 42000-ha National Park ”Franz Josef Land” there is a lot of abandoned equipment and up to 40000 tons of oil products and lubricants in the territories of closed meteorological fuel/lubricantar stations and especially military units. According to the Arkhangelsk Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, several islands are ecologically critical areas." /.../