Circumpolar Health Supplements 2010; 6

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SDWG , Circumpolar health , AHHI , Human health
"This Circumpolar Health Supplement reports on the progress of the Human Health Initia- tive an Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group International Polar Year (IPY) project, and serves as a deliverable marking the completion of the Norwegian Chair- manship (from 2006 until March 2009). The IPY (2007-2008) is the th major international polar research program intended to provide a venue for expanding the boundaries of our understanding of the Polar regions. However, in contrast to previous polar years (1882-83, 1932-33, 19 7- 8) the th polar year for the first time focused significant attention on the human dimension of Arctic research and in particular the concerns of indigenous peoples including human health. Human health concerns and challenges of Arctic peoples include the health impacts of environmental contaminants, climate change, and rapidly changing social and economic conditions. They also include the changing patterns of chronic diseases, the high rates of injuries, and the continuing health disparities that remain between the indigenous and non- indigenous segments of Arctic populations. Because the Arctic Council is an intergovernmental forum that promotes coopera- tion and coordination between all eight Arctic countries on common concerns including sustainable development and environmental protection and includes the active participation of, and full consultation with, Arctic Indigenous peoples organizations, it is a unique orga- nization with the potential to influence national policies to address these health concerns and improve the health of Arctic peoples." /.../