An Arctic States’ black carbon instrument/arrangement – Next step.

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Ministry of the Environment Sweden
"The Swedish Chairmanship suggests that the Arctic Council establishes a process, at the Kiruna Ministerial meeting, aiming for an instrument or other arrangements to enhance efforts to reduce emissions of black carbon from the Arctic States. The instrument or other arrangements should preferably be ready for review and appropriate decision at the next Ministerial meeting in 2015. If the process described above is launched by the Arctic Council at the Ministerial meeting in May 2013, it is important that work on an instrument/arrangements is initiated without delay as a review and appropriate decision in 2015 implies that an advanced draft needs to be ready by early autumn 2014. What could be the content of a black carbon instrument/arrangement? The chairmanship, encouraged by the conclusions from the Arctic Environment Ministers meeting, suggests that an instrument/arrangement could include the elements listed below (among others). Not all elements are necessarily ready for inclusion in an instrument/arrangement already by 2015 but could be added later on." /.../