EALÁT. Reindeer Herders' Voice: Reindeer Herding, Traditional Knowledge and Adaptation to Climate Change and Loss of Grazing Land

Reindeer herding , Traditional Knowledge , Adaptation
This book is a two years middle term report from a Norwegian information project in the Arctic Council entitled EALÁT. The project is endorsed by the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) of the Arctic Council, with the full title «SDWG EALÁT Information: Reindeer herding, traditional knowledge and adaptation to climate change and loss of pastures». This is an information project focusing on climate change, loss of pastures and how the traditional knowledge of reindeer herders themselves can be utilized to adapt to these changes. The aim is to build capacity and competence for adaptation in local reindeer herding communities, as well as to increase knowledge on these issues for national authorities, the Arctic Council system, industrial developers, and mainstream societies in the North.