Round Table Meetings in Support of the implementation of the Russian NPA-Arctic and its associated Partnership Conference.

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Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME)
"The purpose of these round-tables is to start bringing the private and public sector, international financial institutions, governments, non-governmental organizations and others together to create investment projects of mutual interest in the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation, which foster sustainable development and environmental protection. Involvement of the private sector and International Financial Institutions (IFIs) early on in the discussion of project proposals is crucial for successful co-development of programs of mutual interest; consequently, we must encourage involvement by stakeholders. These round-tables will be held well in advance to the planned Partnership Conference in support of the Russian NPA-Arctic. The roundtables will serve as one component in a stepwise approach towards the long-term goal of improving the investment climate to ensure sustainable development in the Russian Arctic and the whole circumpolar region. The Partnership Conference and the round-tables should build on past and existing experiences and focus on selection of most prospective directions for development of investment projects which could facilitate international financial support and hence promote environmental protection in the Russian Arctic and the whole circumpolar region." /.../