The Visibility of the Arctic Council. Report for presentation at the SAO meeting, Oulu, Finland May 15, 2002.

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Turunen, Minna
Kankaanpää, Paula
"The chair of the Arctic Council transferred from the United States to Finland at the Ministerial Meeting in Barrow, Alaska in October 2000. In its current role as the chair of the Arctic Council, Finland has stated the need to improve the visibility of the Council as one of the priorities during its chairmanship in 2000-2002: "During its chairmanship Finland will aim at raising the Arctic Council's profile as a promoter of Arctic issues of global significance in relation to other international institutions. During the Finnish chairmanship the Council will also examine how its information activities should be improved to strengthen its external image" (Program for the Finnish Chair of the Arctic Council 2000-2002). The aim of the present study was therefore firstly to clarify the knowledge and views of the local inhabitants, indigenous peoples, decision-makers, and scientists living in the arctic region on the activities of the Arctic Council and secondly, to find the means to improve the flow of information from and the visibility of the Arctic Council. The study was conducted using a questionnaire directed to the inhabitants of the eight Arctic countries. This study is an independent study funded by the Ministry of Education in Finland and it is conducted by the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland)."