Arctic Council Secretariat Director's Report to Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials. Submitted to Whitehorse SAO meeting. March 2015.

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Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS)
This report gives an account of the second calendar year of operation of the standing Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS) in Tromso, Norway. Since the beginning of the Canadian Chairmanship in 2013, the ACS has provided ongoing secretariat support for the Arctic Council and for the Chairmanship. During 2014, the activities of the ACS have supported the approved functions of the ACS as described in the biennial work plan approved at the SAO meeting in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on 22-23 October 2013. Other activities have addressed other requests made to the ACS by SAOs or by the Chairmanship. In 2014, the ACS has made significant progress towards successful completion of its tasks as described in the approved work plan. During 2014, the ACS has enjoyed good cooperation with and support from the Chairmanship and the government of host country Norway.