Recommended Practices for Arctic Oil Spill Prevention

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Det norske Veritas (Dn V)
EPPR , Oil spill prevention
This report was prepared by DNV on behalf of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, which represents Norway in the Arctic Council’s Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group (EPPR). This report includes a literature study with reference to projects, experience, conventions, regulations, standards, guidelines, plans, certificates and other documentation collected to form a basis for further discussion within the EPPR R3 project. The reference list is not complete, but includes some key examples. Note that the focus has been on the additional Arctic challenges not activities, i.e. how the operations are carried out in non-Arctic areas, are not included in this report but are assumed to form the general basis for the different activities. This report identifies some relevant existing standards, regulations, plans and experiences, and areas of potential collaboration and sharing of expertise, thus providing a foundation for future cooperation by Arctic countries within this area. The report will form the basis and reference for a condensed report to be issued by EPPR and to be presented to Arctic Council Ministers in May, 2013.