Proposal for assessment of cultural heritage monuments and sites in the Arctic.

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Norwegian Delegation to the Arctic Council
"The proposal notes that the SDWG Work Plan 2009-11, presented in the SAO Report to Ministers, Tromsø, Norway, April 2009, identifies six subject areas of special importance under the heading of sustainable development. This proposal addresses the Priority Area Education and Cultural Heritage, with emphasis on the latter represented through monuments and sites in the Arctic. The proposal was originally presented by Norway in the SDWG in 2008. The project was unfortunately delayed due to illness, but was re-presented to the SDWG in November 2009 in a revised version according to comments that had been received. Immediately following the SAO meeting in Narvik in November 2007 and at the same venue, the World Heritage Centre in Paris organised an expert meeting on World Heritage and the Arctic. The aim of the meeting was an opportunity for the Arctic countries to present their World Heritage sites and the Arctic sites currently on or proposed for each country’s Tentative List. " /.../